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Pediatric Diabetes Center

Your child has just been diagnosed with diabetes or pre-diabetes. Chances are you have about a million questions running through your head. What can my child eat? How is blood sugar checked? What affects blood sugar?

The Northeast Florida Pediatric Diabetes Center, located on the campus of Baptist Medical Center - Downtown, is the only facility in the northeast Florida area that is solely dedicated to the treatment and education of diabetic children and adolescents. Acknowledged as a leader in specialized care, the center supports 75 children and teens per month.

Contact Information

Baptist Medical Center
Howard Building

One of the keys to successful self-management of diabetes is education. The center is staffed with a multi-disciplinary team including a certified pediatric nurse, certified diabetes educators and a registered dietitian. All staff members are certified insulin pump trainers. The center houses state-of-the-art audiovisual equipment, computers linked to the Internet, videos, books and other educational materials geared especially for children as well as a kitchen for "hands-on" instruction in nutrition.

Whether the patient is discharged from the hospital, or referred without hospitalization by a physician, the Pediatric Diabetes Center staff members continue education and support on an outpatient basis. The goal is for self-management of the condition by the patient therefore, advanced education as an outpatient is ongoing. The educators are readily available for consultation with the patient and family on specific questions, blood sugar test results, and for setting strategies for controlling the condition.

In addition to diabetes education the center also offers comprehensive education for patients identified to have high cholesterol, celiac disease, or weight management needs.

Nemours Children's Clinic
The Pediatric Diabetes Center staff works closely with the Nemours Children's Clinic (Jacksonville) staff. The Nemours physicians provide overall guidance on the management of diabetes. Additionally, if a child or teen repeatedly encounters self-management setbacks such as diabetic ketoacidosis, behavioral modification support is available through the psychologists of Nemours Children's Clinic.

Community Involvement
The staff of the Northeast Florida Pediatric Diabetes Center is a vital part of community activities. They participate in the American Diabetes Association camps , holiday parties for children with diabetes, fundraising for research, and health expos which include seminars and interactive sessions in diabetes care and management. The staff is also involved in providing diabetes education to other nurses and dieticians throughout the hospital and community on an ongoing basis.

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