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Kids Are Not Little Adults
Pediatric Surgery (POPS)
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father reading to son On those occasions when it becomes necessary to take a child to the Emergency room, it is comforting to know that the Children's Emergency Center at Baptist Medical Center - Downtown (Jacksonville) is exclusively dedicated to the care of children. Using totally separate facilities from the adult Emergency Center and staffed with specially trained health care professionals, the Children's Emergency Center provides an environment that is focused on the child.

The Children's Emergency Center only serves patients who are under 18 years of age. When a child enters the Emergency Center, a pediatric triage nurse evaluates him or her. This nurse is uniquely equipped to evaluate the well-being of a child. Serious medical conditions can sometimes manifest only subtle symptoms in children and it requires a skilled professional to perform this critical initial evaluation.

Parking Instructions
Children's Emergency Room

  • The Emergency Room is on the first floor of the building located at the end of Prudential Drive.
  • For patient drop-off, take the ground level road (not the ramp) to the Emergency Room entrance.
  • Park on the first floor of Garage "B" (located on Prudential Drive).
  • Click here for Parking information and a Map

In order to provide exceptional care for children, the staff is certified in the following areas:

  • All physicians are board certified in pediatric emergency care with their residency having included a specialty in pediatrics.

  • All nurses are certified in Basic Life Support (BLS) and Pediatric Advance Life Support (PALS)

The Children's Emergency Center staff work closely with the Wolfson Children's Hospital staff and specialists provided by the Nemours Children's Clinic, the University of Florida (Shands/Jacksonville) and with private physicians.

Admission to Wolfson Children's Hospital
When the patient's condition warrants hospitalization, the child can be admitted directly from the Children's Emergency Center into Wolfson Children's Hospital. Wolfson Children's Hospital is located on the same campus as Baptist Medical Center (Downtown).

For critically ill patients, the Children's Emergency Center physicians and team stabilize the patient and turn care over to the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU) of Wolfson Children's Hospital. In most cases, the Pediatric ICU physician takes over the management of the patient while the child is still in the Emergency Center and oversees the transition to Wolfson Children's Hospital Pediatric ICU.

Fast Track

physician checking patients throat The Fast Track area within the Children's Emergency Center is known as Satellite Pediatric Emergency Department (SPED). This area specializes in the care of urgent (non-life threatening) conditions. This specialization matches the patient to pediatricians, staff and facilities geared to test, diagnose, and treat these types of conditions. SPED is located adjacent to the Children's Emergency Center on the ground floor of Baptist Medical Center (Downtown) and is open daily from 1pm to 1am. When SPED is closed, all children receive treatment in the Children's Emergency Center.

The Children's Emergency Center sees more pediatric patients than any other emergency department in the Northeast Florida region. Of the 90,000 patients that visit the Emergency Centers of Baptist Medical each year, 40,000 of those patients are children. With the completion of the new Emergency Center building in 2005, the number of treatment rooms for the Children's Emergency Center will increase from the current 14 to 33 rooms. For FastTrack (SPED), the number of treatment rooms will double with the number increasing from the current four rooms to eight.

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