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Pediatric Surgery (POPS)
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Your doctor has said that you need an operation to help part of your body feel better. This movie will show what will happen and what you will see during your stay. You will not be able to eat or drink anything before your operation.  Your stomach needs to be empty so it won't get upset when you get medicine. On the day of your operation, you will come to the second floor just like you did today. When you go to the desk to get a name tag, everyone in your family will get a name tag with your name on it!  Name tags help the nurse and doctor find your family easily. After that, you can play in the play room, watch the fish, or sit and play with your family.  Be sure to bring a favorite toy with you to the hospital to play with!
Getting Ready
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After a little while, a nurse will call your name and show you where to change into hospital clothes. Your family can stay with you to help, and you can keep your underwear on! A nurse will put a bracelet on your arm with your name on it. Next the nurse will weigh you, take your temperature, and measure your blood pressure. The blood pressure cuff may feel snug around your arm but it won't hurt. Some kids need to get medicine through an IV, which is a small tube placed gently in your hand or arm. If you need an IV, the nurse will put a cream on your hand or arm that looks like toothpaste! The cream will numb your skin so you won't feel the IV when it is started. A clear bandage will be put over the cream. The nurse will also ask when you last had something to eat or drink - you will be asked that a lot! After that you can go back to the playroom or watch the fish. When the nurse calls your name again, you and your family will go to another room where you wait until the operating room is ready for you. This room is called holding and there is a playroom there too!
The Holding Room
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A doctor called an anesthesiologist will talk with you and your family while you are waiting. This doctor will explain how you will go into a deep sleep so you won't feel anything during the operation. The nurse may give you some medicine to help you relax. Sometimes you breathe the medicine through your nose and sometimes you drink a cherry flavored medicine. When you go to the operating room, you will see some double doors. This is where you say "see you later!" to your family.  They'll be waiting for you by the fish tank!
The Operating Room
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The nurses and doctors in the operating room will be wearing masks, caps, gloves and colorful clothes called scrubs. This keeps the operating room very clean. You may hear people call the operating room the "O.R." The operating room has a lot of machines to help your doctor and nurses give you the best possible care. Remember that the doctor will operate only on the part of your body that you were told about.  No one has an operation because of being bad, and no one is to blame for needing an operation. You will lay on a bed under a big light. A blood pressure cuff will be placed on your arm. Three circles or squares that are sticky on one side will be placed on your chest. The attached strings go to a machine that shows a picture of how your heart is working. A band-aid that has a red light glowing through it will be put on one of your fingers. There will be a string connecting the band-aid to a machine that will measure how much oxygen is in your blood.
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The doctor will want you to take a nap during the operation and knows just the right amount of anesthesia to give you so you'll stay asleep and won't feel anything during the operation. The doctor might ask you to breathe anesthesia through a mask.  Be sure to ask what flavors are available and choose your favorite! The anesthesia makes some kids feel a little dizzy, but  a nurse will be with you to hold your hand, talk with you and keep you safe. When the operation is over, the doctor will stop giving you the anesthesia so you can wake up.
The "Wake Up" Room
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After the operation, you will go to the recovery room until you are more awake. Some people call it the "wake-up" room. This is a big room where there may be other children who have had surgery. There are curtains between patients for privacy. You may hear the nurse talking to you before you can open your eyes to see anyone. You may hear other children waking up too. You may feel a little confused and scared, but a nurse will be there with you to hold your hand and keep you safe. You will probably be in the recovery room for less than an hour - it depends how soon you wake up.  You won't be there long because we know you want to see your family and they want to see you. While you are in the recovery room, your doctor will talk with your family about the operation and let them know how you are doing.
Waking Up
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While you are waking up, a nurse will be holding a tube that will be blowing cool, misty air in front of your nose and mouth to make it easier to breathe. The nurse will measure your blood pressure and heart rate often - every 5 minutes! If you have a bandage it will be checked often too. Some of you may notice an IV in your hand or arm to give you fluid since you haven't had a drink for a while. This helps keep your body from being thirsty. The circles or squares on your chest are sometimes removed before you leave the recovery room. They may pull your skin a little like when you take off a band-aid. Once you are awake, the nurse will bring you on a bed with wheels to POPS if you are going home the same day or to a room in the hospital if you need to stay overnight.  Your family will be waiting there for you with a big hug!
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If you don't have to stay overnight in the hospital you will stay in POPS until you are ready to go home. The nurse will measure your blood pressure and heart rate every half hour. Your throat may feel dry when you wake up.  Be sure to let your nurse know how you are feeling so she can keep you as comfortable as possible. Your stomach has been asleep and resting too and needs time to wake up. As your stomach wakes up, you will slowly be able to drink. You will be able to eat when you get home.
Staying Overnight
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If you need to stay in the hospital overnight, you will meet your family in a room on another floor. Your nurse will tell you when you can drink and eat. The nurse will also tell you about your room and staying overnight in the hospital.  You will have your own TV, phone and bathroom.There is a bed in the room for a family member in case someone is able to stay with you! If you have an IV, the nurse will remove it from your hand or arm when it is time to go home.  Most kids say it doesn't hurt. If you still have the band-aid with the red light on your finger, it will be removed too. The nurse will tell your parents how they should care for you at home. Then it's time to get dressed in your own clothes!
Going Home!
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When the nurse says you can go home, you can choose to ride to your car in a wheel chair or in a red wagon.   On the way home, you can think about your favorite things to play with. You may need to rest for a short time, but soon you will be able to do all the things that you like best.

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