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Laser Cranial Scanning for Plagiocephaly
Infant head shape deformities are a growing concern among parents today. Many infants are born with plagiocephaly or develop positional plagiocephaly during the first few months of life. Mild plagiocephaly may be corrected with specific repositioning programs designed by a physical therapist. Moderate to severe plagiocephaly may also require the use of a custom fitted cranial remolding band or helmet.

infant wearing helmet Customized Helmet for each Infant
The therapists at Wolfson Children's Rehabilitation Services utilize the STARscanner data laser system, by Orthomerica Products, Inc. to capture and analyze 3-D head shape data for infants with deformational plagiocephaly and other head shape abnormalities. This eye-safe laser system, which has eight cameras and four lasers, provides the data for the cranial remolding helmet in less than two seconds. Its software is also specifically designed to track head-shape changes over time. Before the STARscanner, the measuring process was more difficult and less accurate. Doctors had to rely on manually measuring babies' heads, which took longer, was not as accurate and was more stressful for the babies.

mom helps while infant is measured
Here are some Frequently Asked Questions about head shape abnormalities, the STARscanner and treatment.

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