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Research Saves Lives

All that we do is based on both the knowledge gained from the past and a continuing pledge to search out new techniques and medicines that will brighten the future of the child.

Our Pediatric Clinical Research Center, a joint effort of Wolfson and Nemours Children's Clinic Jacksonville, performs studies that benefit children with serious diseases; these include cystic fibrosis, short stature, sickle cell, Duchenne's muscular dystrophy, inflammatory bowel, asthma, heart disease and diabetes mellitus.

Investigator initiated and multi-center studies provide information that improves and saves the lives of countless children.

Two dedicated patient rooms are expanded to the adjoining unit when needed, and space is available. Funding for this important work has come from the National Institutes of Health (NIH), American Diabetes Association, American Heart Association, pharmaceutical companies, private funding and others.

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