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Child Life Department

Thank you for your interest in helping patients and families at Wolfson Children's Hospital. Donations of toys, games, stuffed animals and crafts are always welcome throughout the year. Toys and games are used in the playrooms to comfort and entertain children during the hospital stay. Stuffed animals and blankets are given to children to take home. Donations also make it possible for patients to choose a gift after a medical procedure or to celebrate a birthday or holiday. Patients and families are very appreciative of all gifts and are touched by your generosity to help make the hospital stay more comfortable.

For a list of items that are most useful to patients, click here. This is just to get you started - use your imagination and think of what the kids you know would like.

When selecting items for donation, please keep in mind:
  • Toys must be brand new and not gift wrapped
  • Toys representing violent themes cannot be accepted
  • Avoid toys for infants and toddlers that have small or sharp pieces
  • Latex balloons are not allowed
  • Gently used DVDs (G, PG, PG-13), music CDs, PS2, X-Box and Game Cube games (rated E) and systems may be donated to the child life department for general use
  • Toys are needed year-round for children from newborn to 21 years old

For groups interested in service projects, please consider the following:

Activity Kits: Bags filled with ready to make crafts (please include the supplies and directions) and fun things to do such as coloring sheets/books, crayons, stickers, scissors, word search puzzles, markers, colored pencils, glue, glue sticks, craft sticks, watercolor paints, etc.

Prize Box: After a medical procedure, children choose an item from the prize box. Small toys, cars and little prizes that cost less than $2 each are perfect for the prize box.

Band-Aid Drive: Band-Aids with fun cartoon characters on them can make the hospital less frightening for our patients.

children laughing Gift Cards: Gift cards allow patients and families to get the items they most need. Consider Target, Wal-Mart, Toys 'R Us, Blockbuster or EB Games. Phone cards give families a way to keep in touch with those at home during their child's stay at the hospital.

For more information, please call the Child Life department at . Donations may be left at the desk in the children's admitting area on the first floor. Please include your name and address or that of your organization with the donation. Thank you for making a difference in the lives of patients and families at Wolfson Children's Hospital.

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